The SS22 PRIVATE CAPSULE was designed with one thing in mind: raising the bar. The story behind this collection starts back in early 2021. While evolving as a brand, we wanted to stipulate our next goals. Countless hours of discussion, customer feedback, several design sessions; we were striving to design the perfect fit. We did it.  

CULTURE 28 PRIVATE CAPSULE | Black hoodies and shorts

Quality is part of the ethos of CULTURE 28. Therefore, we have spent quite some time searching for the best supplier in Portugal that would fit the vision we had for this collection. The collection is made entirely in Portugal, a country known for its premium quality in clothing manufacturing. Cut and sewn, pre-shrunk and printed all on sight to live up to our standards and honestly even exceed them. We have taken many trips to the manufacturer to reassure everything was going the way we wanted to. 


The bar has been raised, this is a stepping stone for many more collections to come. It is only up from here, and we want you to be part of it. This 16 piece collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies & shorts. Instead of immediately going for an abundance of different colored items, we decided to keep it simple: Black & White. As for the color white, we found the perfect hue that matches all complexions: coconut white. Finishing the t-shirts and hoodies with bold graphics, there is a piece for everyone to express their self with. 

CULTURE 28 PRIVATE CAPSULE | Streetwear white shorts

The t-shirts are 230 GSM and the hoodies and shorts are 480 GSM. GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter, it is a metric to measure the weight of the garment. Heavier weight indicates better quality of the garment. 230 GSM allows for the t-shirt to be thick yet airy enough to wear during those summer days. 480 GSM for the hoodies is perfect to give it a high quality, thick feeling and keep you warm year round. 

CULTURE 28 PRIVATE CAPSULE | Butterfly t-shirt, printed streetwear

For the entire collection, including the shorts, we have not made a difference between genders, it is inclusive to all. Pick your piece and look fly in it. 

CULTURE 28 PRIVATE CAPSULE | T-shirt streetwear, printed skull

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